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Respicaire Air Purifier

The OXY 4™  Air Purifier features the industry’s most advanced OXY-QUAD™ chamber with the superior TiO2 Surface Area to enhance the Photo-Catalytic reactive processes. Its' large surface area means enhanced air cleansing by producing 4 to 6 times more air cleansers than most competitive designs in its' category. 

Our proprietary  OXY-QUAD™  Photo Catalytic Chamber creates multiple active ionic air cleansers as the internal UVC wavelengths react with the Titanium Dioxide Matrix. 

These photo catalytic reactions emit the natural oxidative cleansers - Hydro Peroxides, Hydroxyls, Super Ionized Oxygen & Oxidizing Ions - to help sanitize & purify your indoor air around the clock.

New Color Touch Screens offer an elegant enhancement as well as the annual audible and visual service notification. These Contractor Programmable Screens have become very popular in the northern markets where the HVAC equipment is in temperature controlled and  accecible indoor living areas.